Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover it.

On March 1, 2002, Rusted Moon was born. We remember that day well. We tried to christen the store building like they do with boats by breaking a bottle of champagne on it. Turns out the thing was almost indestructible. But with persistence, we got the job done.

We were new to the neighborhood as a store, but we’d been living here all of our lives. The Monon Trail was more or less brand new, phones didn’t have screens and Galyan’s was just coming to a close. It was time for something new for us and the neighborhood was ready for it, too. We were welcomed with open arms. From the start, we knew we wanted to build something that would be personal, intimate, accessible and real. It had to be comfortable for us, for our friends and customers and be the perfect environment for sharing the things we all love about the outdoors.

Our first customer that day was a long-time Broad Ripple resident who bought a pair of Vasque Sundowners – a perfect way to start the show. We’ve had a bond with that customer and her family ever since.  We are so honored to have formed that and the countless other relationships over the years and we look forward to those that lie ahead.

We thank you, we love you, and we look forward to helping you stay connected to your wilder side for many years to come.

Thanks and stop in so we can shake your hand,
Henry and the RMO Team

P.S. bring your dog too.